Team B looking for casual players

We are a new team in need of some casual players. We are not an aggressive team. The only requirements are completing Club Quests and collecting Tributes. We don’t play the Competition game, but we do play the Race game. However, this is NOT a requirement. If you have not played after 3 days you may be removed unless you contact the Leader stating when you will be returning to the game. Please give us a try. We look forward to having new members to play with.

Im interested i was in a platinum club for months then i moved to a gold club because of time contraints. I recently left a gold club because it appeared that i was the only one maxing cq everyday and meeting the other requirements. Let me know

Team B would like you to join. I have to let you know that there is only 2 active players and 1 I thought would be active. We are a new team. I have been recruiting. I had another team of 15 and only 2 players were active. Please read the club notes. We look forward to playing with you!!!