Team #Awesomesauce welcoming new teammates

:heart::spades:Team #Awesomesauce​:clubs::diamonds: a platinum/diamond league with spots open. :grin:

:heart:We’re a strong team that crushes goals together without comparing or competing with other clubs, completing all perks and more even when short-handed. :spades:All we ask for is full commitment to teamwork, including participation in ALL quests (not some).:100:

:diamonds:And communication any time you need back up from the team… whether you need to “sit on the bench” or a barrier pulls you away from meeting the needs & requirements of the day. :two_hearts:

:sparkles:Life has its moments, and the team will cover for one another within reason & any time needed.:sparkles:

:clubs:We are “united as one” with Superstars (gold league) :star2: and have bonded with a few other clubs, where we stand in each other’s corners as a close-knit community helping one another along the way & cheering each other on in-between.:purple_heart: Natural supports are the best kind. We are reciprocal through shared interests, morals, and values. No obligations or pressure, so helping or temp leave is always voluntary.:100: