Switching Facebook Accounts

So, my husband and I somehow got our Solitarie accounts linked to each other’s Facebook pages. My question is, if I switch to get my Facebook account back and vice versa, will I remain in the Club I am currently in (they don’t require you to be at a specific level either). Also, will I remain on the “Red Star Leader Board,” since it’s linked to my hubby’s Facebook page. I want to make the swap, but I don’t want to lose all my red stars or my Club.

Thanks for any feedback.

since you are technically playing each other’s accounts, then when you switch back, then you will be in the team he was playing on and vice versa.
There is no way to move your game account to a different FB profile. Once it is tied to a FB account, you are stuck with it.

Well then how come i have 2 Facebook accounts on my kindle and only have 1 team that i play on? And on my phone i have 1of same Facebook accounts that’s on kindle that’s on another Team and i can play on the other Team? I hope
that made some sense?

Hmm, I guess I don’t understand. I play with two Facebook accounts. Generally I play one on my phone, and the other on my tablet. If for some reason I need to play the account that’s on my tablet from my phone, here is the process: delete game from phone. Use browser on phone to log into tablet’s Facebook account. Install the game again. Open game, it will prompt to sign in with FB. It will close and when it reopens, it will be with the tablet’s FB account and game. Hope that helps!

@Crystal_Carlisle, there may be a little easier way to switch accounts. If, while in Tripeaks on your phone, you tap on the profile/menu icon (top left corner), then Log out. This will log out of the your FB, linked to that Tripeaks account. Then in the browser, log into your tablet’s FB account. Then go back into Tripeaks, and go to the same place to Log In. This should load your tablets account on your phone (and you won’t have to go through the TriPeaks tutorial again lol).

Logging Out doesn’t necessarily work on all devices though, but hopefully it works for you! :slight_smile:

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On the other hand @Crystal_Carlisle, now that I give it some thought, I have a device that I can’t log out (I rarely need to switch accounts on that device - it just keeps loading the one linked FB account, no matter which account I’m logged into on FB ), and there are a couple others on here who cannot log out, so it’s way cool there’s a way around that! Thank you!

Forced to do the update with the game. Had 2 clubs I was co-leader with. Now only 1 game & club accessible to me now, the 1 that was linked to FB. (An acct that I’ve had issues with, with tri peaks on going “testing”.) I have asked for this current profile/acct to be deleted here & have also requested FB to delete my acct that has that game linked to it. Both tri peaks & FB say they will both be permanently deleted in 30 days. I have started a new FB acct & was hoping to start a new profile & game here that I would link to the new FB acct. I have uninstalled my tri peaks app & reinstalled it, several times now, & even though I’m logged into my new FB acct & have never linked it to any game, I can only access this current game & profile that I want deleted! Won’t give me an option to start a new game at all, which is what I want to do. Can anyone suggest anything that I can do to start completely over?? I’m about to give up this whole solitaire gaming experience permanently!!

I keep starting completely over from scratch, with the same result each time. What am I missing here? Am I going to have to wait the 30 days until the profile/acct is deleted here before I can start a new one?

I don’t have an apple ID to try

@Goldenreign, I don’t think FB will delete an account, but you can deactivate it. I’m not sure what that does to games that are attached to that FB account though.

The only thing I can think of, is to try uninstalling FB and TriPeaks from your phone or device, then reinstall TriPeaks only. Go into the game and see if it starts a new game from scratch.

If it does, then reinstall FB, and log into your new FB account. Then go back into TriPeaks, and login with FB.

Good luck! and please keep me posted on whether that worked or not.


FB does give you an option to deactivate or delete an acct. At least they do in the updated version of FB.

I did as you suggested above & also turned off my phone completely for 1 min. Then reinstalled tri peaks solitaire. When I opened the app it took me to the same on going game. :frowning: It won’t let me start a new game.

It was a good idea though, Cindy!

Oh man, bummer @Goldenreign, even without FB installed?

Ok, now I’m wondering, was your account (the one you are trying to get rid of) linked to FB? If not, the game process is stored on your device.

I’m scratching my head!

Yup, even with FB Uninstaller. When I originally started this game & profile it was on my phone, back in Nov 2019. In late Dec 2019, it was saved to a FB acct & played from there then. I was getting really fed up with the testing in February, & decided to start over with a new profile, which I did. When I played the new one, it came up right away on my phone when I selected the game app. When I played with the 1st profile, I’d log into FB to play. I’d always log out afterwards. Everything was going ok, until I was forced into doing the update. Now it’s a big mess! I’m thinking I’m just going to have to not play.

I’ve sent them a request to permanently delete it. Guess I’ll have to wait the 30 days to see if it’s gone then? Or is it forever on my phone, unless I can find a way to delete it from this phone?

CindyLu, you got me to thinking about how my phone could be storing that game, so I went into the back up & restore (in settings) & turned off those features. Then uninstalled FB & tri peaks apps, turned off my phone. Then installed tri peaks again & that profile & game is still there. I’ll look deeper into the memory of the phone, but maybe it’s going to take a trip to the phone store to remove it, if it’s being stored there. Just letting you know what I’ve tried.

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Thanks @Goldenreign, it does sound like it is stored on your phone. If it’s really really important to you, you could do a factory reset - that will wipe it all away. I’m speaking from experience, because my device had major problems - I had to do a factory reset, and lost everything.

I have found a reset option on my phone that would default it to factory specks, removing all stored data from apps, contacts, etc. That should solve the issue, IF, IF the issue is the game stored in the memory of my phone. However, I greatly hesitate to do that. Early last Fall, when I got this phone & those at the phone store switched my info from my old phone to this phone, I lost most of my photos & so much more information that I had there. So really not keen on trying that! Not really convinced it’s to do with my phone. Everything was fine, before I was forced into doing the update for this game. Then everything went sideways ! Sorry, but I’m REALLY not happy about any of it ! This will be my last post here. Thank you to those of you who have helped me & tried helping me in the past ! Especially Tracy & CindyLu, thank you !!


Please keep us posted @Goldenreign!