Switch from phone to tablet

I currently use my phone to play the game but I wanted to play on my tablet but when I try to log on my tablet & it says … “we Found an existing game account switching to this game account will permanently remove access to the current game account are you sure you want to switch” does this mean I will lose my coins etc & won’t be able to log on to game on my phone in futre

If you only use one account to log into the game, it should be no problem, but if you have two it will go to the one you are currently signed in [like FB app] on the tablet. If you have 2 accounts, you must sign out of the one that is on the tablet and then you can log in using the account you use on your phone.


I would like to switch from my phone to my tablet also. I read somewhere that I will lose all of my progress, coins and boosters. Does anyone know if that is true?

I’ve researched this many times and gotten feedback from the game. However, I’ve been unsuccessful . My iPad is about toasted and want to switch devices, but can’t get it figured out. Shouldn’t be this hard. I’m constantly being knocked off, several times per hand. Hate to lose my coins, but??? Good luck.

GSN (TriPeaks) makes it VERY difficult - well, impossible - to merge or switch accounts. It is the ONLY negative (for me) in playing this game.

There are a LOT of posts in these forums with advice on how to get around the problem. The main suggestion is to start another Facebook account and link to that one. Sorry, but one Facebook account is one too many for me. I’m not a good liar and don’t want the stress of having to remember which is which and what is what.

My solution - and it is a very difficult one - is to just let the account go and start a new account. I’ve done it a number of times, and cried each time at losing 100’s of chests…but it works for me.

If you are in a really great club, explain your situation. If you’re a good player, the leader will make an exception to the rules and invite your new account. You might want to research this!!!

A note to GSN: PLEASE accept a player’s NEW account as the primary and STOP allowing only one merge!!!

You will ONLY lose your progress if you have not linked the game to your Facebook account or Apple ID. I play my game on both my tablet and phone. If I log into one of the device it will kick me off of the other one. If on the other hand you have 2 Facebook accounts [2 games] you will need to log out of all accounts [browers, FB, Solitaire] and log in with the account you want to play.

I have Android devices. Galaxy tablet, Samsung phone. I also don’t have Facebook. I guess I’m out of luck. Thank you for the information!

Thank you Kate. I’m still trying to find a way, I’ll let you know if I do.

Thank you MzQuail. I might open a FB just for TriPeaks. I don’t want to start over.

I’ve switched my account to a new device a few times - old iPad to new iPad, old iphone to new iphone. All I did was place the new device beside to old and the info was transferred. No fuss no muss, even from a total dead iPad. I have one account on the phone and another on the iPad.

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Well I’ve had 2 accounts for over 3 years! And sometimes we are on the same team! And I’ve never had a problem with down loading them both accounts at the same time! All you need is 2 separate Facebook Accounts! And like I just said! Sometimes we Play on
the Same Teams! Together! So if anyone else has a Problem, with this issue please contact me or Cindy Key! And we will be happy to walk to you through any problems that you might have!