Still looking for a home

I am currently looking for a new club. I typically make between 30,000 to 40,000 in club points per week. I am active in club quests and either complete them or am close in completing them. I always complete the tribute quests. I am also very active in the club competition quest. I am looking for a club that completes club quests and is competitive in the club competitions (wins the competition). I am also looking for a club that earns all the club perks. I am also looking for a club that is competitive, but also knows that life happens. I typically play multiple times a day and usually will play tributes. I also give coins to anyone that asks on my friend list. If I sound like a great fit, please let me know of the club’s name so that I can send a request to join. I am currently not in a club, so I don’t know if you could inbox me through the app.


My team Friende would love to have you! We are down quite a few players but used to get all perks. Our rules are easy - 2k points a day, 100 tributes per week. Read chat/notes and if life happens just let us know

You sound like a good fit for tribute hunters check us out.

Hi Marty, if you’re still looking for a club we have a spot open if you want to come check us out. " Our club " is the name of the club there are a few clubs with the same name so look for me " grinch "

Hi Marty! If you’re still looking, DIRTY DUCKS is where you want to be! We alternate between Gold & Platinum leagues, usually get all 6 perks, club quests and we work as a team on the gem dig.
Come give us a try!

If you’re still looking for a new club, check out Marge. We’re looking for 3-4 team players. Minimum 100 tributes and 15,000 club points a week. Complete all club quests. We’re a gold team that bounces up to platinum, with the right players. There are a couple of teams named Marge, but it will be the one that had Erica-USA MN as a player.

TikiEliteRebels are looking for good players. All I ask is that you play at least once daily, follow Perk Order and contact me if you will be unable to play for awhile, so I don’t remove you.We are a friendly Club and work hard together with competions.

Please come and join us.

If you’re still looking, look up our club - seems to fit what you’re looking for:
Fun Only

Would love to have you if you’re still looking! Our team is awesome and it is Just Playing with logo tongue sticking out. Currently platinum! Come join us!

Hi Marty, if you are still looking for a club we would love to have you at Tiki2. We are in the gold league and building a fairly new team. We need some consistent players who can help us collect tributes, meet club goals and competitions. Look us up!!

DIRTY DUCKS - Looking for active players to join in the rebuilding of our club. Our main focus has been completing perks, club quests & collecting tributes. We’ve got a pretty good strategy on completing the dig which has placed us in first place several times. Please join us if interested :slight_smile:

Racin Fairies has an opening! Platinum club, fun group, no drama! Generous club with gift boxes, also. We’d love to have you.

Beach Bum Fun could be your new home. Please check us out!

If still looking come check out tiki amigos!

Shiloh’s Savages it a great team, we have fun while doing our challenges. Would like to see at least 15K per week. Play tributes and use chat. We get all 6 perks per week. We bounce back and forth between gold and platinum and realize life comes first. Check us out.

Still looking? Request to join us, la tribu. We’ll give you a good home. :blush: we’re a gold league club, usually ranking in the 30s. Would love a player like you to help get that 5th perk!

Finale tiki bff would love to have you!

We could use your play on a good team. Have 3 players that earn 30k or more, one usually over 50k. We are gold but closing in on platinum. Mondo Challenge us the team!

Hi Marty…

If you are a good communicator,Just a Game is your kind of team! We are platinum, have an outstanding leader and dedicated players…we are private. I would love to send you an invite!

You sound like a team player that would fit us perfectly. Nana’s Natives is our name and all of us know each other so well as a game family!