Stating your own club.

Just how difficult is it to build your own club? How long does it usually take to recruit a full team of decent players? I’m currently in a platinum team but it’s been going steadily downhill and rules are not being enforced at all. I’d like to start my own team but it seems scary. I’ve amassed over 14 million coins but I don’t want to stop earning for an extending period. Tips?

@Elleniam, it takes a while to build a good team, because you’ll likely get those who join and don’t see or understand the rules… but if you have the patience, it is soooo worth it! I’d say it took a good 2 months for our club, starting back in March 2017, but we have been going strong ever since! Good luck to you! :slight_smile:

I see lots of posts on this forum for people looking for players and I know our group has gone through cycles of trying to find good players. There were a couple of posts this week from clubs that only had 50% strength. Have you considered just joining another club? There are lots to choose from and ones that set reasonable rules and enforce them. You will likely find if you become a good player and contributor, you can be a co-leader. How about another platinum club that’s high in the ranks, or even a diamond club? with 14M coin, you should be able to manage a score of more than 40k per week.

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Why dont you join our club we are a platinum club and 11th we always get all 6 perks and most times bonas perk too we all love the game and all team players we have set rules what are easy to go by which are 20k a week over tributes a week and always do your share on club quests and put maxed where are easy rules. We see you was thinking of building a team but I do really think you could fit in with us we called sonnynkelly our club name send in request we have one spot left