Sisterfun is recruiting between ambitious and casual

Call this « ambitious lite » :slight_smile: We are a friendly gold league, no quotas, but expect participation in perks and cqs, and communication in chat. Dig and race optional ( but do play if you decide to qualify). We lost some super ambitious players to teams with strict daily/weekly quotas. We now regularly complete level 5. Want to keep it fun and easy but still energized & would love to get up to level 6 again. Totally get that we don’t live for the game, but we have had a few too many idle players lately. About the club name: my sister and I started the club a year ago and were the only members for months until we figured it out. All are invited ( you don’t have to be or even have a sister!). Come join us! (Membership set to Tide Pool Lagoon level to weed out the dozens of players called « Guest » who never play; Currently set to Public so you can join, read club notes, see what you think-we hope you’ll decide to stay!)