Sharing the wealth

I am not on Facebook with this game. I’ve been playing it on my phone. DON’T want to fill valuable memory with FB. However I feel guilty playing lately. Because I am the one with the most points. I’d like to let someone else be the top 3. Is there a way I can share my points with others? So I can play as I wish without the quilt of being a bad team mate. No one has said anything about it to me. It’s my internal feeling.

Hi @CyndiJean, do you not have FB at all, or just don’t have the app on your phone? You can still log in with FB in Tripeaks even if you don’t have the app on your phone.

There are 2 big reasons to use FB with Tripeaks.

  1. you can give & receive help coins with your friends

  2. if anything ever happens to your phone (falls in a lake, overheats and dies forever, is stolen, etc) you can continue to play on another device (like a new phone) without losing your coins, boosters, & levels.

Right now, without being logged in to Facebook, your game info is stored on your phone, and if something happens to that, you’ll have to start again from scratch, and you’ll no longer be in your club.

As far as being a bad teammate, when you are number 1, you are the best teammate in the club, and everyone else (especially the leader) is hoping you won’t accept any invites you may be getting! It’s really all about getting those perks, and you are valuable in accomplishing that!

So, earn as many points as you feel comfortable with, guilt free, and know your team appreciates you! I know I would! Lol


@CindyLu is correct. But one thing, sharing coins through Facebook does not mean you are giving them your coins, just that you are able to let them collect 3000 per day if they ask for coins. It does not reduce yours. (I may have read this into your post, if so, sorry. If they are seasoned players, they are collecting their max of 60k per day anyway.


Thank you both for clarification. To be honest my phone and Tablet both crashed and u can’t be without in today’s world. So in starting over this game appeared on my phone. Didn’t expect to get so hooked on it. PLEASE correct news ifI am wrong but in order to switch devices I must have FB on Both. My new tablet has FB account. Not Tiki yet Due to all I’ve stated above. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Correction in above statement I made. Line 6.
The automatic changer must have kicked in “news” is supposed to be “me”.

@CyndiJean the games sync through facebook. Unless @CindyLu knows of some other way they sync I would say you have to have FB on both devices.

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Having your game logged in with FB, gives Tripeaks a way to store your game info externally, but you don’t have to have FB installed on your device. You just need to know your FB username and password. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I have this information I will try tomorrow thanks again. :hugs:

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@CindyLu - what do you mean by “having your game logged in with FB”? I am playing on my iphone 6 and I am able to send and receive coins with my FB friends. But I don’t know how I would “log in” to tripeaks with FB. I would like to do that so that my tripeaks game, coins. level, and team is protected should something happen. Thanks!

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@Kami - If you can exchange free coins with your FB friends in the game, that means you’re already signed into your FB acct. via the game’s FB login, which is done via the main menu (top leftmost button) login options. So you’re already set with logging in and your progress & goods, etc., are secure so you can access them in the game on other devices when you log in to your FB via that game menu login. Hope that clears up any confusion.


Thank you @Dark_Faery! :smiley:


My pleasure, @CindyLu! :wink:

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Hey, just for clarification, I realized I forgot to mention that you absolutely do NOT need to have the (ULTRA invasive) FB app installed on your device in order to play with your FB acct., just log into your acct. via the main game menu as I described in my earlier post. If you have any trouble, it’s likely due to device permissions (check your settings to allow certain apps access to your FB login for games, sharing, etc.). CHEERS.


HI Dark Fairy, I simply decided to give up. after having FB on my phone . However many weeks it has been. I was unable to find a way to link. So I just started a new game that is linked with my FB account on my tablet, and deleted FB from my phone. But thank you for the assistance. I just not savvy enough. :slightly_smiling_face:


@CyndiJean Aw, dang, it’s really easy, though! I don’t & haven’t had FB on my device for many years. If you do decide to play Tripeaks on any mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) again & link it to your FB acct., -all- you need to do is click MENU (top left button) then LOGIN and enter your FB username & pw, easy peasy. :wink: