Sending and receiving coins

Question. Why are we able to send unlimited coins to friends but we are only allowed to except from 20 friends a day??


There is a limit to sending coins I believe you can have 50 friends on your list. Solitaire allows you to accept from 20 friends 60k every day, I always ask from 25 so it rolls onto the next day to accept and sometimes people stop playing so they don’t send back. I’m not so sure I’d want a massive list of strangers on my Facebook, but with the right playing strategy, the freebies that get posted frequently on Facebook the log in bonus, paid ads and quests only get me ahead in my bank.


I don’t do the Facebook thing, but have access to the the page where I can only access what FB POSTS and I seem to do ok on my coins, if I had an extra 60000 a day I don’t know what I’d do with myself, I’d get nothing done in a day, lol. Always work smarter not harder in your game play.


I’ve always thought that TriPeaks limits how many how many friends we can collect from to not “encourage” us to friend everybody we see. I watch Web of Lies on the ID channel and understand how easy it is to be fooled online (and my daughter experienced first hand online deception and potential danger). I’m very careful about who I friend, and only friend people in my club(s) after doing a mini background check lol. I think if TriPeaks said friend anybody and everybody for free coins, they could be held liable if something happened to a player.

Please be careful who you friend online :slight_smile:


Hi Tracy thanks for your response. Thing is I hate to admit it but I do not know how to strategize do you have any tips for me?

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Click on this link, there is an amazing wealth of information shared from fellow players!