Seems like skill and strategy are irrelevant

There are so many turns where it is impossible to win. Then, on some, you have everything you need and of course you win. It’s starting to seem like strategy and skill are irrelevant because either the board is set up for a win or it’s not. Which really sucks the fun out of playing if that’s the case. I feel like the boards should all have a way to be beaten, not just getting lucky enough to land on a tableau that’s clearable


OMgosh @Breigh, I just logged on here to say that almost all day today I was on a winning streak… hardly had to spend coins to buy more cards & win… but that last hour has been a different story… It’s like Las Vegas, & they are taking all my winnings back. Funny how it goes faster than it accumulates! LOL

(BTW, I love the spelling of your name)


I have had those moments, what I do is go back a few levels to chill and then go back later to the level that is frustrating me.


Yes I’ve been thinking the same thing. Had a great run this morning then it was like hitting a brick wall,


hi all,its part of the game,loose or win ,sometimes its hoorey, othertimes you cant win a game,lol its part of it all -:slight_smile:

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When you lose more then 75% of games without boosters or 5 extra cards everyday, something is Hinky. I’ve always been very good at this game till last big update.

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