Seems if I don’t use cash I can’t get very far in the game

I love the game and I get that they got to make money but it seems like if I don’t blow money fast I’m not getting anywhere. Does anybody else feel that way?


Yes! The best thing to do is just don’t buy cards, it gets incredibly expensive!! Much cheaper to start a new game. Takes alot of self control!
It can get quite frustrating when winning games are far and few


Most games, are this way, they lure players and then WHAM! I very rarely purchase, perhaps once a year, and I play strategically because I know it can cost a lot of money. You have to mentally keep in mind not to tap “more coins”, unless there is maybe 1 card or cards left are in sequence. Same for tapping "undo’. Learn to accept loses and forcing yourself to win. Also, keep in mind the CQ are 24hours, but depending on the league you’re in, you may feel forced to complete as fast as you can. Find levels, where you can get more coins or break even while at the same time helping your club move the perks, just keep in mind that tributes cools down the volcano.

I have never put money into the game. I built up some coins before joining a team, there are some games that pay out better than others. But the main thing is to not be drawn in to all the extra games which are designed to take your coins with little return. I always increase my total coins by a little every month by doing this.

And the game is getting out of hand. They want you to spend your money on everything


Spending money on the game is a choice one makes, not everyone who plays this game spend money on it. Some spend money to actually thank their club members who continues to stay with them, while other will spend to win.

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How do you play while not on a team/club and build up the coins.

It is very hard to build up coins without a team. There are many teams that don’t have high pressure and you can collect weekly team perks. Tiki Island you can actually play and build up coins. Watching ads until you maxed out everyday can give you up to 30k of coins.

If you’re not going to join a club, play levels without forcing wins [avoid more coins, undos and booster if you can, and get streaks]. Play personal quest [pick and choose], watch ads, collect coins every 20 mins, request coins from friend center [if you this already] every 4 hours. Plays islands like Big Barrier and Penguin Rocks, most levels have good payout as long as you get streaks. If you decide to join a club, go for one that is more relaxed, so it does not stress you out [some will require you chat].

Yes. I feel the same. I build up coins so I don’t have to spend my own money but then it seems I go through my coins very fast. It cost more to play than to earn coins.

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It’s insane how much I’ve spent lately and between freezing crashing and the straight BS moves like leaving one card at end without hope of clearing, it’s just getting too pricey. First off they need a higher incentive than 1K coins, can’t play a game except beginner levels. I mean 3K is a much better option. Also it’d be cool to be able to use coins to buy boosters rather than 6K per booster per level. They be money grubbers lately and I’m glad I’m not going nuts! Def not alone in my frustration.

Also it really does seem super clear they have their algorithm on thief mode the second u spend money on anything it takes and takes and takes until your purchase is completely null and void. It’s become so I obvious I really can’t sometimes and got to just force end.

We are getting less chests now but playing the same amount. The cost for tributes and digs has gone up. Now no rewards on Facebook much!!. This is not fun!

But if u don’t buy then u keep losing a waste of free play…idk
I get mad too. I don’t have 5 every day to spend…