Searching for previous club members

Hi there. This is a shout out to some people I used to be in a club with. I see they have now left the club too and I’d love if we could team up again. Gladys Heather ,lisa M, Karen and Marie. This is Mereve who used to play with you in Big Igloo. I’ve started Mereves Tikis. Only in Rookie league right now but am planning on driving up the leagues. Wud just be great to chat to you guys again. I’m so stupid that I hadmt friended ye in time. Fingers crossed.


I hope you’re able to find them! It’s great when you meet people on the game and you connect.


Thank you. I didnt friend them in time and it’s such a disaster as I felt I had a bond with these people. You’re so nice to comment x


Goodluck @mereve .
Comments in your feed thread will bump it back up so maybe if they get on the forum the will see it…:heart_eyes:

Hi is Marta can u tell me why they have take me of central clubs I don’t get it

Hiii mereve!!! Yes I left and now I’m in a nice group and they participate!!! How have you been