Searching for new team

Looking for a new gold/ low level platinum team to join :slight_smile: I play daily complete all quests, I play tributes and chat. Looking for a competitive team that actually wants to play and complete quests perks. I’m not interested in dig competition

Hi Jeanie, my club Friende could use a player like you. We have been platinum level for awhile. Rules are easy at least 2k per day, find tributes, complete club quest. We understand life happens, just let us know. Request to join Friende :grinning:

Hi Jeanie! If you haven’t found a new club yet, check out theTiKiLounge. We are a competitive gold team with easy requirements 10k and 100 tribs by Sun. We currently work the perks in order but that could change. The dig is optional but we do ask if someone qualifies, they dig a minimum of 5. We hope to see you on our board.

I think I sent a join request:)

We haven’t received anything just yet. What is your player name in the game? I’ll try to come find you.

Jeanie Is my name on game

Who is your leader ?

J0 is the leader, bill and I are COs…

My club Ice Hotel would luv you to come join our ‘family’

We’re a plat team with only a 15wk mon but most exceeded or even double this or more. No 24hr unless prior notice as we have a few on a family/life balance break. As long as you communicate/ let us know know we know life happens & priory over game :wink: but unless we’re told we don’t know :wink:

We’re a very friendly club but our rules are strict

Digging is optional but still a very popular part of our club & we often score very highly ranked & communication is a MUST again with only 6 shovel min!

If sounds right for you send over invite & we look forward to welcoming you on board

Just started New club got kicked out of last club & don’t no why need someone 2 help me as do road construction & can’t always b on line don’t hav fb & giv a max of 4 days of not being active “work 2gethr” is the club name

Hi, you’d be welcome to join Dirty Ducks. We get 1st place in gold & take a lazy week while in platinum to collect coins & resources. We dig, but no one is required to dig unless they qualify. We are a nice bunch. During lazy week the only quests we really go for are the tribute trapper & tribute trek, other than that, member play at their leisure. When we are in the gold league we play hard & snag 1st place. We have a 15k min, 200 tributes per week & no 24 hours idle without notice. Come check us out if interested.

Come join Ms B’s Misfits We were a Diamond club and gave split into 2 seperate groups. We r rebuilding Ms B’s Misfits from scratch. Requirements are 18k weekly 24 hr idle. Come join us in making this team great again. Thx

Hi Jeanie…if you did not find a new team yet, Showmetheapples would love to have you join us. We are a top 10 friendly Platinum team and our Perk Order is 126354S. We ask all our players to always check Club Notes, use Chat to write “maxed” when they complete each Club Quest and let us know if they will be idle for an extended period of time. Our Daily Club Minimums, that we all exceed, are 3,500 Club Points per day and 25 Tributes per day. Playing in the Club Competition IS OPTIONAL. We do not compete on weekends but merely everyone qualifies and the first few active dig one hole for gold and stop so we take 5th place (50 gems is better than 0 gems!). Midweek week with Golden Tiki those who wish to participate dig must dig with a minimum of 10 shovels.

I am looking for new team. I always get at least 25k a week (usually more) and usually the highest tributes on my current team. Always max out on CQ’s. Need a new home :frowning:

Tipsy Tikis did a little housecleaning this week. We don’t tolerate drama or being unkind to our fellow teammates. We currently have 4 spots open.

Our club is fun and offers a bank week approximately every 6 weeks. Let me know if you aren’t sure what that is.

Our requirements are 15k by Sunday night, except during the summer. We currently require 15k by Monday night. It’s a push to get the golden tiki quickly, so we have her to play with for the week. Competitions are optional. We’ve decided not to work on club quests unless it’s for club doublers or gems. We still manage to complete of them just by playing. Our two most important requirents are no going over 20 hours idle and players must chat. We are really easy to work with if you are unable to play or are going on vacation, as long as you communicate ahead of time.

Friende would love to have you! Our rules/guidelines are easy - 2k a day, 100 tributes by weeks end, complete CQ, reply in chat. If life is going to get in the way just let us know.

If u haven’t found a team yet u might try us Ms B’s Misfits. We r just building a new team and looking for players who can play everyday and do 18k a week. No tribute requirement just help keep volcano cool. We r hard to find u just type in Ms and then scroll til u find us. For some reason it doesn’t come up typing full name.

Come check us out! Trial basis, if you don’t like us, what have you got to lose? Friendly team, 8k daily or 42 weekly, max all quests, communication is a must! Would love to have you! “Just Playing” logo with tongue sticking out, currently platinum but with your help we could be diamond! Come on over!