Scurvy is like a mean tangerine...

If you know what I mean.

(NOTE ON COIN LINK: Check your Coin balance before tapping! This is the first time we’ve tried doing Coin links in the forums. If at first the link doesn’t work, please try again - it should. If you receive the “Looks like you’ve already received Coins” message and did not receive any Coins, then the link will not work. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this “Scurvy-Cure”/Scavenger Hunt, we are not able to award Coins to anyone who has issues with these links.)


You click the link and it take a you to the ap store you open the app and nothing. I’ve logged out and logged back in


Hi Folks - I’ve added a link to the original post on Facebook - so if the links aren’t working here, you can still get all the Coins by revisiting the Facebook Fan Page.

Someone did suggest copying and pasting the link into a browser, so if you want even more Coins, you can give that method a try, too. :slight_smile:


I had that problem too. Use safari not the app and it works

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This is so cool! Thank you so much for the coins, I really appreciate it

Hold down the link until game opens. It will go to App Store and then game. Don’t lift your finger until you get pop up saying 1000 coins


Thank you. 5 more to go. :heart:

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I like this scavenger hunt! keep doing them!