Scavenger Hunt Scam

Devs don’t listen. Players constantly saying they hate the Scavenger Hunt SCAM. I have 5 scavenger hunt games in these 4 top levels! It CONSTANTLY pushes you to higher levels. It’s not balanced or fair. It’s money grubbing dishonest scam!

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I just ignore them. Have never played it and never will. That’s really the only option to get their attention.

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The reason why scavenger hunts are still around because most players are still playing them. As I see you also activated the scavenger hunt. The more people that don’t activate it the more of a chance they will remove. I do not activate the scavenger hunt.
Also activating it and not playing it does not work you ignore it completely


Last week was horrible for me I had it 4 times, needless to say I did NOT activate it any of the times… Because I was pretty busy.
I will admit I do play it sometimes but once a week is good
I sure wish the would bring back the daily line up in the inbox. I loved that feature.

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Me too Tasha!! I hate the scavenger hunt!!