Same 4 Boring Club Quests Plus No Tracking Completion

My club, Tiki Bird (Top 150 Diamond club), is very annoyed with our Club Quests. We get the SAME 4 quests every time. Now it’s 22 members minimum. Either 4K points, Earn 150 Red Stars, Play 95 games, or Win 40 games. The last 2 are literal torture for me and many in my club. Especially the winning of games. When I am trying to increase my points, playing Tiki Island 40x (or more) isn’t going to cut it. I just played 15 games and won 1. I don’t have time nor do I want to have to play 600 games to win 40 within a 24 hr period. The game will only let you win a game if you use a wild, volcano card or buy extra cards. No longer can you win a game outright. I have and will NEVER pay for anything in the game. So, after my rant, I want to know a couple things…can u at least make it easier to win a game more often than 1 in 15? Can you PLEASE come up with some new quests for us? These are tired and annoying and don’t even give a good reward for all the time effort and coins spent. Lastly, you MUST change the club gift check box to a maxed out on CQ box so we, the club and leaders (I am the leader of my club btw), can truly track who has maxed and who hasn’t. Ps. I posted this here in Forums because I know sending an email to Help will not result in any legitimate response or action. Thx.

The forum is players helping players, please do send feed back, by doing this you receive a ticket # and you can follow up. Support compiles all feedback and works to make the game more positive progressive.

I know you work for the game people. But submitting something thru Help is usually not helpful. The scripted replies received by me and everyone in my club are not helpful. So please excuse me when I don’t believe we will EVER get another club quest other than the SAME 4 quests we get ALL THE TIME!!! Can’t we do like 50,000 hearts or something? ANYTHING!!! We are now purposely letting time expire because we have no desire to complete the same ones over and over. Please help us!!!

Actually I do not work for the game people. The forum is fellow players helping other players. I always send feedback through the help. What I was saying is to send a feedback suggesting to switch up the quests. If players don’t send feedback through the proper steps tech support won’t know that players are bored of the same quests repeating

I received a ridiculous bonus quest today: win 110 tributes, get 1 wild card. Really?!?