Rock solid 5 year team looking for slightly aggressive team mates

TTown Survivors has been a round for 5 years now, we have an awesome base group of dedicated daily players but we need more of the same!! We are a Platinum league team who occasionally bounces up to Diamond league. If you have a passion for this game without being highly aggressive, play on a daily basis and like a family environment we may be a good fit for you!

3k daily minimum, but most earn between 5-7k a day. No dig, but we do race when we have a full team that won’t take advantage of other players hard work.

Our rules in a nutshell -

Clubs, clubhouse, discover tab search for TTown Survivors and ask to join :wink:

Looking for additional players to fill our team please. We typically play / win 8 club quests per week

I’d like to join your club. Play at least once a day if not more.

Gary we’d be happy to have you give us a try. Sorry for the delay, I didn’t get notice you posted! If you’re still open please search for TTown Survivors under the Discover tab

Still searching for a good team fit, 3 additional daily players wanted that enjoy helping their team mates win club quests :grinning:

Sent you a request! It sounds like your team could be a good fit for me, and I would love a chance to check it out. I always max club quests except for the rare occasion when one might be completed before I finish. At this reset, I had 43K club points and 823 tributes, so your minimums would not be a problem for me, plus I always chat! My game name is Renee2.

Renee, please ask to join again. Would love to have you on our team!

Will do so right now! Thanks!

Two openings right now, we have bumped up temporarily to Diamond League due to getting last week’s 750k perk 7. Had a cpl of players leave due to the busy summer season - come join the fun of winning :grin:

Still interested. :wink: I’ll see if I can find your team.

Currently full at the moment Gary. If you find us ask to be a coin friend for me (Sue - the one with the horns :slight_smile: When we have an opening I can send you an invite to join!