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frustrating to answer sometimes. you asked for a funny name for " club with 24 woman and 1man " but the software requires 20 characters so need to write an entire sentence. and that red box covers the writing area - annoying. also on android swyping doesn’t work and this hunt and peck typing is just a dinosaur. makes me not want to use the forums.


Hi @Sage_West, I wonder why Swype doesn’t work for you. I’m swyping. I’ll look that up in the Discourse forum group and see what could be causing that. Are you viewing this forum with the Discourse App, or on your browser? What device are you using?

As far as the 20 characters go, some of sort of chest by adding dots, like…

this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up with the dots :slight_smile: never thought of that.
I’m using Discourse on a Samsung S5, and I swype everywhere else, even in the game chat. Doesn’t seem to work in Discourse. Maybe I’ll check and see if there’s something in the Discourse app settings. Thanks agains for the dots!


You know what? I have an S5 (2 actually), I’ll install the app on that and see what happens :slight_smile: it would drive me crazy if I couldn’t swype!

@Sage_West, I’m on my S5, with the discourse app, and I’m swyping. With a reply box open, and your cursor ready to type, if you pull down your notification bar, does it say your keyboard is Swype?

Thank you! My Swyping is working :slight_smile:


YAY @Sage_West! :smile:

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I guess I must be stupid cuz I still don’t understand what forms is

I’m not sure what you mean by form.
If you have a glitch happen in the game loss of coins or boosters.
Log onto the game, you click your profile picture and click the help button a form pops up for you to submit your ticket to the help desk