Rescue Missions

The rescue missions are fun, but with hardly any benefit for the club. I don’t want to play it. The points need to go towards our normal club play. Just my opinion


Welcome to the forum @Angela_Underland Angela! :slight_smile:

Some people have more time than they need to earn their required points in their club. I love how TriPeaks has something for everybody.

For me though, I agree with you. I want all my time to go toward making points for my club(s). So I don’t play it, or the scaventure hunts. I have plenty of things to do in the game that makes it fun for me :slight_smile:


I have spent at least 100000 coins this week in this - for little results and nothing for my team. I am done with it

Sorry to hear that @Matthew_Loesel. Hope you find something that is fun for you :slight_smile:


One small benefit is the club point doublers. I save them until I win a tribute over 300 pts then use to double that to over 600 which does help the club. :slight_smile:

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Yep you bet, I’ll play enough to get those club point doublers, I love those, than I don’t bother after that

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Yes. I stopped playing rescue missions when I realised that I don’t get club points. I do play the scavenger hunts though, in between playing for tributes. I know a lot of people don’t like the scavenger hunts but I quite like them.


There is something for everybody in this game :slight_smile:

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