Reorganization of team

My Coffee Break is looking for 5 daily players. Requests 15k per week, 50 tributes (during club quest mainly) per week. Compltete club quest. Read notes and chat. Competitions are optional, but if you qualify, you must play. Come join us!!

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Hello Gail I’ve been hunting players for a while now with no luck. Would you consider a merge my top 6 players including myself average 15 to 25,000 weekly each with 100 to 300 tributes each most of them want to do competition and sailing also. Treasure Hunter is a stable gold team but we have trouble finishing club quest. Just a thought

That sounds like a good plan. Have them send a request to join and ill accept

I sent invites, to join the team.

Sorry it took so long to respond back to you. I was travelling and just getting back into the normal play, and checking on things.

I’ve have just opened discussion in my chat to see how many replies I get. I’ll let you know any results.

We have added a few members but still have 5 spaces left.