Removed players no help at all

They play games but go after no tributes if we don’t get our tributes valcano blows up all progress stops looking for ppl who want to be in a club and play as as team

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See where you coming from,
I’m wasting my earnt coins help cooling or stop the volcano from erupting.
Why should I play while my earnt points are not being added to the perks when the perks are paused.
I often wonder why others not playing the tributes, I thought that was the main challenge of the game, you get bonus points playing tributes.
The team I’m with are diamonds, it’s always the same 4-5 people playing tributes.
I know I spend hours playing I have time on my hands, others don’t, I understand that, even so when they play, why aren’t they playing the tributes? If people only collecting points you actually get more points, playing tributes, unless there’s some bonus for not playing them, maybe I should try that for a week, play no tributes for a week. I know I wouldn’t be in top 3, but it would be interesting just to find out.
I get over 50k + in coins on Fridays in rewards by being in top 3, I’m losing my winnings very early at the start of the new week trying to stop the volcano erupting or help cooling the volcano.
Already this week we had 2 or 3 eruptions, last week we had 5 erupting volcano.
Just doesn’t make sense.

I’d say u should join my team to help us build up the right kind of players who actually contribute. But your in a diamond league we are still gold trying to weed out the ones who don’t contribute with players who want to play the game. We have hopes to get up to the diamond league we just have to find quality players.

Hi SarahMarie I don’t really care what league I’m in. I just want to play a game earn rewards and just have fun in general. Out of 25 players appears only 4-5 plus me do tributes, it’s frustrating some people get points but no tributes at all, some look like they just do daily logins. I’ve already changed clubs a fair few times, similar things, now really thinking about deleting game.

Oh then please join after our club we are really building it up about to move up a league. But trying hard to get some more valuable players who do the tributes and stuff. We did implement new rules tho. Put a min of 75 tributes since ppl aren’t doing them and now there is a 6000 pt a week min. But the rules are flexible as long as u communicate. We had to put these rules in cuz like u said only a few of us were doing the work. Please think about it. The club is Smart Moves it’s invite only so u will have to request. If u decide to accept let me know your name in the game so I can make sure u are accepted.

Hi SarahMarie,
My user name is Gypsy, so far I only have
8792 points and 80 tributes.

Been disappointing again this week, we already had volcano erupt and others still not playing tributes.

I’m currently in Sharkwarriors if you want to see.

I’m happy to join your club next Friday 23rd Sept, I’m from Australia, by memory it’s about 2.30 - 3.00pm AEST, the game restarts.

I’m not a chatter, I’ll say hi, but that’s about it. I do read messages.

I enjoy this game and use as relaxing, while feel I’m contributing to other team members as well.

If this is acceptable I’m happy to put request in, immediately after restart of new week. I don’t like leaving after starting not fair on other players that are also playing good.

Cheers Debbie (Gypsy).

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I just put in a request to join

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