Red star quest for all 3 stars

Is there a tip or trick someone can share on how to get all 3 stars when playing a game. I know a run of 5 cards gets the ball rolling but if you cant get a run, is there another way

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You can use a streak doubler. If you don’t have one, it costs 6,000 coins. You have to weigh that cost against the extra red star. Very rarely, I haven’t gotten the streak star, even when using a doubler.


The streak doubler works great for me!


You get one star for winning, one star for winning within the time and one star for the streaks. If you use a streak doubler it reduces to three the number of cards needed per streak. Some games are next to impossible without the doubler.


Another tactic you can use. If you’re playing a game and get 2 streaks of 5 and then have a play that gets a run of 3, hit the booster then. You don’t have to hit it at the beginning when you don’t know how the game is going to go and avoid wasting the doublers. Same goes for any booster.


@Papillon, I think I played for at least a year before I noticed you had that option during the hand. I was like WHAT? Really? Lol


Certain levels are better for making streaks than others- you might want to have a few go-to-levels that you keep open for DQ or CQ.'s. Also boosters can be used strategically to complete a streak.

For example - if you have 5 & 7 but no 6, you can use a wild to "make"a 6. Completing the streak. It’s not just Wilds, other boosters used correctly can make a streak. I struggle with streaks too. I have a few lower levels that I practice on while waiting for tributes to refresh.

One thing that really helped me, when attempting to make a streak of cards before releasing a trap. Especially the time-sensitive bomb!

When I first started playing my 1st instinct was to release the trap immediately,. Example: if the 6 had a bomb, I would find the 1st 5 to release it. Now I try to form a “chain” of other cards and have the trapped card complete the streak. This seems to have helped but does require some patience!


I wondered about this. Ty

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