Red Star Leaderboard Reward

Why Red Star Leaderboard have golden colour and shine? Why are my league place rewards reduced if I stay in the same league (but leaderboard doesn`t shine)?

Not sure what you mean by shine, but I can tell you that there are 2 types of stars you can get; 1st are the red stars and the 2nd are the gold star. The red stars reset on Sundays, meaning you can play levels again to get red stars. Gold stars you get by getting streak, speed and gold on a level; you can go back to a level to get the ones you missed or play new levels, but they DO NOT reset. You can also get gold stars on competion, boat race and other side games. Not sure if this is the information you need, hopefully this helps you understand the color difference in the stars.


That’s what I meant about the glow)

Thanks for the answer)

I would greatly appreciate your help, if possible you know something about why the award for first place in the league has been reduced?

Therre was a double reward for red star before reset, today it is back to normal reward. How the rewards are calculated, is anybody’s guess