Red star coin award not as shown

I had not noticed until this month! Let’s say the coins promised say 25000 coins!
When actually awarded I have actually received only around 12500!
Either stop claiming we will get 25000 coins or start actually awarding the amount of coins you claim!
No matter the amount I earned I actually get about half!

Hi @Grandelf, pay close attention next time. On the Red star coin award, you get the 25,000 coins (it happens quickly - it takes about a second), then a chest with more coins and boosters, that doesn’t include another 25,000. It might help to take a screenshot before collecting, and then a screenshot after collecting. I’ve not been able to screenshot the coins reward because it happens too quickly, but I have recorded a little clip of the reward. If I can find it, I’ll post it.

If your before screenshot and after screenshot doesn’t reflect the 25,000 coins (plus more), then write to player services, and send your screenshots :slight_smile:

Hmmm…I have been waiting for my chest alsl. I will agree on 25k sent fast but I was watching pretty darn closely. I have put in two tickets for chest exllanation. Or date time I got and opened. Hard to miss a chest with this much in it.

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