Red star club quest

I’m working on red star club quest. Prior to winning my last game I had 100 red stars. I played a game and won all 3 stars, I’m using a double booster so I should have had an additional 6 stars for a total of 106 but I still have 100. I wonder how many times I’m getting screwed out of stars? With all the changes I’m paying more attention. I’m pretty disgusted with GSN and how they’ve screwed us with their changes. I’ve also noticed I’m getting a lot of games that are impossible to win. Last week I had a game with 4 7s, no 8s or 6s. I’m getting 2-3 of those per day. They’ve made it virtually impossible to win a game without using boosters & buying more cards. I don’t enjoy this game anymore GSN has screwed us all. They want you to spend real money and I’m guessing they will fail. So many people are not happy, and there has been a mass exodus. When my coins are gone, so am I unless GSN stops screwing us.

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Was the red star quest to win 100 red stars? If that’s the case you’ll cap at 100 but still accumulate 6 versus your total for the week. If not., then one of GSN’s many bugs that one just has to deal with.

2 or 3 gamesbout of how many in a day, 60, 80, 100, 150? That’s not a large percentage. I get several of those a day… and chalk that 60 game that cost 3000 to bad luck and move on.

I will enjoy the mass exodus as this will allow me to the have less competition on the red star leagues.

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I find that now that you get more wild cards on the quests that you need at least a volcano to win. I get many impossible games and it’s very discouraging . The game isn’t as much fun with all the changes in BEN’s favor.