Red Monster Chest Real Monster Chest

Well you know we just got done with the Monster Chest … Right,??
How many didn’t get it?
I completed all my stuff. And guess what?
I got a Red Monster Chest.
With nothing.
Then i got a Real Monster Chest with Nothing
I got a blank green screen . I guess that is where my stuff should of been. But instead. I didn’t get anything.
I can’t believe it.
And yes I sent a ticket. And no they did not answer yet. Just their Generic response it will take about What ever amount of time it says to look into it. I sent in the blank screen shot also.
I swore I would not do the scavenger hunt but I did it. And yes I did the very last event also. So I did it all. And what I got was a big zero on my prizes.
That is a big rip off …
I didn’t even get a wild or volcano card. It’s just so wrong.
But that is what I get for doing the stupid thing.

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