Recruit me, Please!

Here is what my dream team looks like, please recruit me if your team fits the bill:

  1. Always to 50-100
  2. Minimum points per week no more than 50k. I do usually score more, but life happens and don’t want to be the team slacker
  3. Have fun people on the team that can joke around, have fun, and add that extra level of bada$$ness (yes I made that up)
  4. People are generous and at least buy gift boxes on 2x box day (because it’s so fun and is part of team building)

If this is your team, I want to be part of it so hit me up!


You sound like an awesome person, are you interested in helping to build a team that reflects exactly what you said?

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Tiki Torchers is in need of 1 more daily player.

Forever young is looking and fits your bill

Hi Bethany,
Our team is looking to get back our rank of the top 200 and eventually top 100 again. We have lost a few members recently and can’t seem to find good team players. We communicate a lot on our team and we do buy gifts especially on double gift days. We require a minimum of 2000 upon entering and then 14,000 by Sunday evening and then 40,000 by weeks end.

If you think you can meet our team requirements we would love to have you on our team!!!

Our team name is Club Win More 2

Cindy ~ Co-Leader

Thanks Jean! I think that would be an awesome idea, but I cannot commit to being a team leader, but I could do co-leader. Do you have any people that would come with us? I might have a few

Hi Jean! Would love to! I really don’t want to be a leader though, but would totally do go-leader and do all I can. Would you want to be a leader?? Have any friends that would come with?? I can probably get a couple and I’m good at seeking out talent through the ranks!!

Ideal time is right after reset so we still get our payout for this week. You can find me on FB and we can PM if you want

We are looking for a new player and you sound perfect for us. Our club is called winners only please join. Jill

THE Club looking for active players 17k weekly 5900 by Sunday…