Really low scoring for club points

Is anyone else noticing how low the club points are paying out? I’ve had a few games where I got all three stars and would not get even 200 points. Only way they have been over 200 is with tributes.


200 points without tributes is approximately equal to winning 8000 coins in a game, which is a lot. So, at least for me it has never been common, whether I won all 3 stars or not.

In fact 8000 coins is the approximate general criteria for a perfect game!


I guess the game had glitches then cause I had a lot of 200 point plus games recently. I even had a couple of 300 club point scores. Thanks for the explanation though.

Hi @Maria_Johnson
Yes, I have noticed. It’s sad…

Yes I’ve noticed club points are low makes it difficult to achieve the perks requirements also moving up levels. Mind you, you do need all club members to help & sadly the club I’m with only has a couple of members working hard. I know I should change but can’t make up my mind which one as so many have very high expectations.


Hi Pauline, not sure what type of club you are looking for, but check out our club Friende. Very easy rules/expectations.

Thank you Robin for the invite I will check your club out. What level are you?

We are in Platinum league right now. We usually go back and forth between that and gold

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Hi Robin I just checked your club & it is full at 25 members, Thanks for the invite though, maybe at a later date when you have a vacancy I can join you all, Your club sounds perfect for me :smiley:

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I’m sorry Pauline! Someone joined over night.

That’s OK Robin, that’s to be expected, places come & go

Pauline, I’m in the same group as Robin. If you would like to, still come and join us. We have an opening now.

It’s an invite only because we had a smartie that joined and collected perks then left so we set it to invite only.

PaulineSK I made our club invite only. We have 1 opening if you are still interested. Just let me know :blush:

Hi Robin, I’ve been off line a good part of today due to network upgrades. I have already changed clubs(Late last night) but thank you for thinking of me

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Anyone else notice you can now no longer play more than 2 videos after the wild card. Game says they have no control over that??? What kind of idiot do they think I am? We used to be able to play 20 after the wild, then they hacked it to 5 and it stayed that way for 2+ years. Now they’ve hacked it again to 2! Greedy bunch of #$%$!

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Yep, for a while, mine played 4 after the wild card.

I agree, the Quest rewards are hardly worth playing for…
This game used to be much more exciting…

Try the club Honest Play

I’ll keep you in mind if I decide to change at some stage thanks

Tribute games have always paid about twice the club points as personal games, which makes sense. I get about 225 club points for tribute games, depending on the level, which is beneficial towards the team. Hope this helps.

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