Ready to move up to Legend?

Are you ready to move up?

Cheap Therapy likes to have fun while succeeding.

We’re looking for a likeminded teammate who:

:white_check_mark: Daily player who wants to move up

:white_check_mark: Wants a team more aligned with their goals

:white_check_mark: Can earn 11+K club points day?( 75K+ week)

:white_check_mark: Is on FB ( it’s how we celebrate our successes :tada:)

:white_check_mark: Likes to chat a bit, announcing when a CQ is Maxed.

:white_check_mark: Wants to become an integral part of the team’s success.

This is us:

:point_right:Perk Order 612354

:point_right:Goldie by Friday, all perks typically complete on Saturday​:point_left:

:point_right:Digging is optional ( but we usually win :purple_heart:)

:point_right:Sailing is optional ( but we’re doing well there too​:ship:)

:point_right:Trib CQs mandatory

:point_right: Daily CQs optional, but encouraged

:point_right:Family first support ( illness, vacation, bereavement, LIFE!)

:point_right:Complete all 7 perks

:point_right: A warm, welcoming, winning team

Please respond if you think we might be a good fit