Random Testing Coins

I would like to know when I will be able to receive from my teammates 3,000 coins like everyone else rather than 1,000 coins. It is not fair and it’s been 5 months i have been put into a “random test”. I get the same runaround answer from Customer Service of be patient. I have been patient, but to no avail.

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Amen! A friend just hit 250 days, sent in a ticket and got the same tired old response. Replied and still waiting for another reply. Real people in support, or just automatic replies from a computer program??? hmmmmm Is this the Matrix???

just jokimg1 may have to cut back on the coffee…

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I wish I could tell you an exact date. Actually, I wish the developers would tell us an exact amount of time. I’ve had an account and played off and on for few years, so I got the 3k from friends since the start of the friend center… :frowning: I’m sorry

It’s never going to happen! On a date in the past, they changed it to 1,000 per friend for new people playing and I think that is how it’s going to stay. Why would they give 3,000 per friend if it means players with only 1,000 per friend buy more coins etc? It’s about making money for them, not for your enjoyment! Greedy and sucked the fun out of game through it.