Raising the bar! Group advancement point cap advancement? Right?

I am a player and I have been in this club since the second week I have been playing, I also have been on the leader board the entire time I have started in club, so far this week I am in number 1 position. I have been playing as long as I have had the winner badge!
Now I am a mediocore player most times, sometimes I hit a really great run of cards and the cards just fall in place! I average 22,000 to 30,000 points per week! That is the average, I just got to level 180 3 days ago! I chase as many tributes as I can get! But at least I do try to get them and bonus ones. Okay enough of my background!
My things is that when I joined this current group of mine they were on the level after the rookie one! They had set amount of points each person could play for the group total in order that everyone had a chance to gain the prizes in the group. They are capped about 2,000 points each a couple of them at 6,000 then they have to let the other teammates get in there to win their points! Okay fair enough, yet 3 weeks ago when I joined the group, they let me get 19,998 points before they called my cap! Yet I ended up gaining the group points for that week 24,989 or close to that number! Plus had to chase tributes because other teammates would not gather them and the volcanoes blew up! After that incident I am not capped with points yet. We are in the gold league for the second week , yet these members are still following those old point caps, when in order to even think of moving up on the grid these people need to at least gain 20,000 points to begin with!
Now am I right or am I wrong on this? I have been offered to go to several different groups the past week, some are really competitive and require a lot of points but some are okay! I am going to have to transfer I am sure because it is frustrating me to see these players not trying to team play at all, nowadays they don’t even speak at all as a team!
Thanks for letting me post my idea and question!

Hate to say it, but this sounds like a group of idiots. Deliberately capping points? That serves no reasonable purpose.


I agree with the other comment. Capping points just implies they don’t actually understand the game. There are MANY clubs that would take you at your score of 30k per week. Head to a platinum club. If you are #1 in your club, you should move up because you are carrying the weight of the group so spending more coin and not getting more rewards. If you move up leagues, the rewards are better as well so you’ll get a better return for your investment.
Good luck!


I don’t understand why there is a cap on playing. The whole idea is to complete as many perks as possible so you can open 6 or 7 chest at the end of the tournament. Sounds like you need to move on to a different club. Good luck


Wow, that is soooo odd! When you cap, do they tell you to stop playing? Anyone telling me not to play anymore that day or week, and I would be so out of there. I know you will find a club that loves the amount of points you are comfortable making, and makes you happy! I hope you find the right club soon!


Come join Toastin Tiki! Sounds like we’d be a perfect fit for you.:slightly_smiling_face: