Quests Cost Too Much

I play the daily quest nearly all the time. To me it’s another way to get more coins. However, lately winning 7 games at volcano beach at a cost of 2500 coins each game isn’t worth the reward of 4000 coins. So you want us to spend 17,500 coins and only get 4000 coins in return. Coins are precious to most of us.

This is also true for the club quest. Today was 1400 games or 20 players do 70 games for only 2 wild cards.

I’m just asking that you make the quests worth playing.


The personal quests (PQs) and club quests (CQs) have been that way since at least 2016 (when I started playing). Also, the daily quests (DQs) stopped being worth it ever since they dreamed up the scavenger hunt and stopped offering anything else. We used to be able to choose to find 300, 450, or 600 of a particular suit for 3, 5, or 10 Wilds or for 2, 3, or 5 Volcanos. Or you could choose to win an increasing number of games or earn an increasing number of coins for increasing prize amounts (up to 10 boosters, 50k coins, 10 wilds, or 5 Volcanos). This meant that you could play whatever levels you liked - including the high paying ones - and you would earn the reward. The Great Race was the best!

Now, you have to play specified levels (which are mostly the lowest paying levels) and you’re lucky if you get the DQ even with playing upwards of 100 games (min) at 3k each (300k if you don’t buy any extra cards or use boosters) to get only 1 or 2 wilds, 1 or 2 volcanos, 4 boosters (nearly always bomb diffusers), or a dinky event chest with 6 or 7 items in it (almost always free plays and a few coins).

Bottom line - none of the quests are worth the cost if you’re trying to get them. If you just play the game without chasing the quests, you may happen to get a little bonus here and there.

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I totally agree with this, it’s what I do.

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