Quests aren’t counting my cards!

This is the second quest in a row where this is happening. I played 11 games this morning after selecting an event chest as the prize. After those games, my diamond count showed zero found. I played six more games and the count finally showed 2 collected. I just played five more games, all of which had diamond cards, and the count still shows only two!

I gave up on the last card count quest because the same thing happened. I am playing the latest version of the game. Starting to not like this game…:rage:

This is a new event (scavenger hunt) just released in the past week and instead of any diamonds satisfying the quest you have to clear diamonds from specific levels that are determined in advance with a icon that resembles a barrel.

You can search for scavenger hunt in the forums. There are numerous topics on it.

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This is not about the scavenger hunt, I don’t bother even trying because it’s too difficult. I’m talking about the Event Quests. Today there is one for clearing kings, and even though I’ve been playing off and on all day, it still shows I’ve collected zero kings. This is the third event quest in a row where my cards aren’t being counted.

New Lost Diamonds Event Quest. Game once again NOT counting my diamond cards. :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

The scavenger hunt is just another name for lost diamond/kings quest. They are both the one and the same.

Maybe do a before and after. Screen shot selecting a level, play it and then screen after. Then select a level with the barrel icon and do the same. I bet the diamonds will.then be counted on the second selection.