Questions about the game

What is the perk completion bonus I see sometimes when I win a game and how does a person achieve it?
Also, on the Friend Center, I understand what the ‘Weekly Shares’ means, but what is the ‘Highest Streak’ about? A streak of what? Thank you for any clarifications!

Perk completion bonus is when you have completed a perk. There are 6 perks every week plus a bonus perk.
Completed perks will give you extra booster and coins every day, and at reset the chests are released to collect and the perks start over again. Thursday night

Club points are added when you play games, and when you play tributes you get bonus club points.

Weekly shares is the friend center, I believe friend center becomes available once you reach tide pool lagoon where you can send and recieve coins from friends, which is the “shares” it’s how many times during the week you have helped friends with coins.
Coins sent to friends do not come from your coin bank.

The highest streak is a side game that does not count towards the perks, you can invite a friend to play, and by completing cames (games are timed) you can win more boosters and coins, the streak would be each level achived.
I would play 2 games, and my invided player would play 2 games, we take turns, once the 4 games are played a level is completed with a bonus at the end, completing 1 streak. (1 level)


Thank you for the info Tracy!