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Hello, so I have been in my club since I downloaded this game back in May. But for some reason the leader keeps deleting me. Every time I log in I’m deleted and another member has sent me a request to join again. I am the most active player in the group. Not sure why they are picking on me. Any other groups I can join?

There are LOTS of clubs looking for players. The first step is to figure out how much you want to play so that you move to an appropriate club where you can meet their requirements. Pay attention to how many club points they want before you go idle, what the maximum idle time is, and what their weekly targets are. When you go into a new club, go to the chat and introduce yourself, monitor the chat for communications from the leader and follow any other rules the club may have.
An easy solution is to look for another club in your current league that is not full and is public and then join them. Do you know how to find them?
Good luck.


@BrandyW, do you read chat. Does the leader indicate the club rules in the club motto or club note?

Funny story: My sister played the game for a while before either of knew the other played TriPeaks. When I saw her on my (old) FB friends list, I invited her to my club. Within a couple days of joining, she changed to work on perk 6 (instead of perk 2). I changed what perk she was working on, and made a friendly note in chat that we all work on the same perk together in our club. I didn’t hear back from her, so I wrote to her directly to see if she checks club chat. She didn’t even know it existed She never saw my club rules in the motto or in club notes - My own sister! - and she mentioned that other clubs have deleted her too. And the funny thing, even after I told her about club chat and how to view it, she still never checked. Aye yi yi! Anytime I wanted her to know anything, I had to write to her directly - but maybe because she knew I would do that. ROFL

So I know, there are a lot of people who don’t have all the info they need to fit in a club. But it is important information. Could this be the case for you too? Do you have all the info, following the club rules, and still getting deleted?

If that’s the case, you might be better off finding another club. If you are going to look for another club, it’s a good thing to know how many points a week you are comfortable earning. Do you know how to check your points? If not, let us know.

Once you know, make a post in Club Recruitment, either Fierce, Ambitious, or Casual -Player (looking for a club). Note how many points a week you can earn, whether you play everyday, & that you read chat to get important information. I bet you get a dozen responses in the first day, and will have your pick of teams to join!

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Thank you for the info. I’m not 100% sure how to find clubs in my league.

@DLW8, I loved your advice! :slight_smile:

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@BrandyW, to find clubs in your league, tap on the Club button, then you’ll see your Clubhouse, the Volcano, the Shop, and the Club league. Tap on the Club League button on the top left of that little island. You’ll see your club name, and where you rank. You can look at the clubs in your league to request a simular club.