Problem with coin exchange friends

I have friends who played tripeaks in the past but no longer do. They still show up for coin exchange and prevent me from requesting coins from new players who are active. Is there a way to remove them from my “tripeaks friends” while still being friends on Facebook?

@Suzanne_Moore_Brown, it’s something they would have to do. They would have to go into FB, Account Settings, Apps, & remove Tripeaks as an app.

In the meantime, you can ask for help from more friends than the default 50 friends listed

Asking Friends for Help Tip:
In the game, when you go to Facebook Friends, and then to Tripeaks Friends, it lists 50 friends. You can send help requests to more than the 50 it shows you. Send the requests like you usually do. While still in the Tripeaks Friends window, type an ‘a’ up in ‘search’ & then hit ‘done’. Tap the ‘select all’ button. At the bottom, on the left you’ll see the additional # of people it selected. Hit ‘ask for help’. Repeat the steps, except search for an ‘e’ … & other vowels if needed. I usually am able to ask for help from an additional 30 people by doing this.


Same here, i send requests, don’t receive any back. Cannot invite anyone because there is no one in 5he list. No response from the tripeaks team

Hi Cindy. Am I understanding you correctly, You said you can ask for help from an additional 30 people, Are you able to receive over the 60k in coins in the allotted time frame?

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Hi @Mango, you still only get the 60,000 coins a day. As soon as I collect my coins, however, I usually have 75,000 more coins waiting for me for the next day. I like it when I can collect the whole 60,000 at once in the morning before I play, and I like knowing that if I get busy, and miss a day of requesting help, I’ll still have the max coins waiting for me.

And to be clear on another point, I get to request help from an additional 30, because I have 80 FB friends. If you have 200 FB friends, you’ll be able to request help from an additional 150 (just 50 at a time). :slight_smile: