Please help me find a club to join

I’m trying to join a new team but not sure how…please help?! I play on and off every day. Love to chat and complete quests

If you’re still interested, I will message you and you can then decide if you’d like to give our club a chance.

If you tell me what team you’re in I’ll send you an invite.

Sea Aggies…thank you!

What is your user name?

I’m also looking for a club to join!! Daily player, username violeteyes

Quest Masters club leader lady Qway :slight_smile:

Quest Masters team leader Lady Qway

The Resty Place has a couple of vacancies if you are interested. Here are our rules.

If you can show a screenshot of your current club with your player name, I’m sure you’ll get alot of invites. That way all you have to do is check your inbox and accept one.
Post how many points you get weekly so a better match can invite you with so many clubs with different rules, this way your chances of getting removed from a club will less likely happen, good luck!
Also to discover clubs, if you are currently in a club now,
Click the CLUBS (beside the leaderboard)
near the top is the DISCOVER tab


Please come Try the team man it’s called Solitaire Mafia The rules are not that complicated And it’s a very nice team that we have so far we just need more players Please come by and give us a shot you don’t like it you can always leave Thank you

Hi! If you have not found a new club , we have some openings. Sisters N Brothers. Read our club rules in the notes section. And if you are interested message me. Julie Urich.same picture. Good Luck!

Please request to join GroovyGoldGet! We would be happy to welcome a new mate!

Look up Karma Krushers we’d love you to join us…

Angels would love to have u aboard. No drama, no bad mouthing.

You’re very welcome with six chests, a very nice team

Check out my team - Ice Hotel -

Sadly we’re rebuilding but don’t let that put you off

All we ask in return is 10k a week min (most well exceed this!)

No 24hrs idle unless notified

Digging is optional but if you qualify it’s min of 6 shovels

CQ are our Priorty

Our club Totems Totanas is looking for new members. We are a chatty bunch and the is a requirement. But if you haven’t found a club, please come check us out

Violet you still looking for a team. We just started a new team and would love too fill it up with great people that want to win and contribute. Our club is FQ-A so if anyone else is looking to join please do so.

Wenn Du noch immer einen Club suchst, Wir suchen dringend Spieler … wir wollen Spaß haben und ihne druck spielen. Clubquests erfüllen und Tribute spielen - das sind die einzigen 2 Dinge die eingehalten werden sollten :wink:

tricky~tiki würde sich freuen Dich bald begrüßen zu dürfen :slight_smile: