Playing the ugly sweater game

Hello! I’m on my last challenge,where it says
Win 3 new games to get the Triple chest
It’s not letting me win this last challenge
I’m playing the Ugly sweater game!
It’s fun! I don’t understand why I can’t complete the game to win the triple chest?
What am I doing wrong?
Update: I manage to complete the game when I played the Surf game!

Anyone else playing this game ?
As of now I’m stuck I can’t move ahead yet?

This forum is for Tiki Solitaire Tripeaks; you might be in a wrong forum?

The last part of the Ugly sweater game, have to win 3 in a row of NEW games, if you lose one you have to start back over to win the 3. It’s a challenge sometimes. You can do it, just have to be determined to win them. Unfortunately sometimes you have to use coins to buy extra cards.
Also you have to play 2 rounds of the ugly sweater game. Found that out last time. Yes, they are making it harder to get these extra rewards!

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The ugly sweater game is part of the Gingerbread Jive in the Events!

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I am not aware of this challenge, so thanks for the detailed explanation, probably because I also don’t pay attention and don’t complete most.

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