Playing Events/ no rewards

I played flora, Completed each of the games. The star bash bonus would not register as complete and I never received the reward. It has been over twenty four hours after I reached out to the help, And still nothing happened… Beware of events and do not waste your coins

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I had the same thing happen to me. I had to message them a second time under lost reward and they did get me the reward and a bonus. I took about 4 days to get it back. Who wants to miss out on a double diamond chest.

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I accomplished a partner Offer to play June’s Journey and be awarded Coins within Tri-Peaks Solitaire. The offer was to complete levels within June’s Journey to be awarded up-to 33,313,105 coins within Tri-Peaks Solitaire. I successfully & fairly completed the first 2 award levels:

1 – Finish & Complete Scene 2 in Chapter 2; reward = 1,482,433 coins
2 – Finish & Complete Scene 2 in Chapter 4; reward = 5,923,070 coins

Total award earned: 7,405,503 coins

I completed both of these Junes Journey tasks within the first 14 days per the offer, or before the status showed day 0. My offer was rejected by DT/Offer-Wall due to usage of a VPN and the activity was flagged as fraudulent. This is bogus, as any VPN was applied by my ISP to protect their NETWORK & my Device. No fraud was involved, only alleged by the partner to avoid paying out the rewards. Beware trying any offers from TIKI partners.

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