Players joining to steal clubs rewards

MY club has had a player named Papta and another named Yo that have several time joined our club and left after stealing our daily rewards. We are short a couple of players so I make our club public. Are there any other clubs having the same issue with these 2 players?


Yes, other clubs who are set to public have these issues and unfortunately there are more of them out there. If you set your club to invite only, encourage your member to send recommendation and let them know what type of player/s you are looking for.

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Yo is definitely one we have had hop in and out like a yo-yo :rofl:

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Yo hops in and out. Does anyone know how they collect?

They go to the inbox and collect daily club bonus [whatever perk/s your team completed].

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Only way to avoid this is to set to invite only especially towards end of week that is what we do

We had that problem with Papta, went to invite only…problem solved

Respectfully, if you leave your club public at all times no one is stealing anything from you.
If you leave the door open, some will just grab the daily rewards, it happens. :man_shrugging:

We try to set our club to private near the end of a good quest and the end of the week. I would rather set it back and forth than leave private. We need 2 more players and cant seem to get a full team lately.

Bonjour, mon club(Xéna) a le même problème que vous. C’est vraiment dommage que l’on ne sait pas bloquer certains joueurs qui ne viennent que pour prendre les bonus !


Yep Yo it’s a pain constantly popping in and out !!!

Yes so annoying how can you stop them :roll_eyes:

Yo has been on to collect in our club. We call these players leeches, squaters and scum. Clubs stay Public to try to fill their 25 spots so yes, we consider this stealing because these players do not do anything to earn what we have worked for. Erin is another one.I wish the game would do something about it but so far they have not.

Yes, Yo has done this with our club several times.

Yes, Yo has been in and out of our club several times….we need a few good members to stay.

Matthew, The Papta person comes in and out on our team Blue Sky frequently. Our team is public also because we need some good team players. I check many times during the day, if I see Papta’s name, I remove immediately! I’m glad you mentioned this because I was wondering why this person was joining and leaving within a couple minutes most times.
Thank you for the Heads up!

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I wish their was a way to block these persons without making our team private.

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There are several people like Papta. There is Yo, mike o. Whenever you see someone join and leave shortly they are probably poaching your daily perk rewards.

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