Play4perks Managerie

About Play4perks & our sister clubs: p4p2, p4p3 and p4p4.

Play4perks is a top club, we ask for 25,000 points a week, completes 6 perks every week, and most of the time 7 perks. We prefer to recruit from one of our sister clubs when a spot is open. This helps us know who the “team” players are before they get there.

p4p2 we ask for 10,000 points a week, although we have members who earn well above that. We complete 5 or 6 perks a week.

In Play4perks and p4p2 we require members to at least check chat, because in Play4perks we do perks out of order, and in p4p2, we sometimes work on perk 7 without completing 6.

p4p3 and p4p4 only asks that players play once or twice a week. We generally use these clubs to recruit into the stronger 2 clubs. We advance those who earn the points, and communicate. Communication is very important. Like p4p2, we have members who earn many many points in these clubs, which helps the team earn perks.

When our club members cannot play as much, they often move into one of our clubs that are more suited to the points they earn to be fair to the other members (only if it’s more than a few days).

We have many members who have been with us for years! (We started in 3/2017).

Are you ready to join our family, and never look for another club again?