Play daily. Looking for new club

Hi. I always play. Just looking for a great club that’s not too serious

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The Clan is looking for one person to join our family :slight_smile: we are currently rebuilding our team and moved into platinum at reset. We require 1,000 points before idle and 3,000 club points daily. The dig is optional for members but we will be reviewing this weekly. If we dig we work together and normally get 1st or 2nd​:1st_place_medal: we get all 7 perks​:moyai:and we also enjoy chatting and helping each other. We like to help players coin build and aim to complete all club quests :purple_heart: if you love animals :hedgehog: and want a team understanding of life situations we could be the right fit for you :orange_heart:

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Carter_Dean, our club asks for 14K points and 200 Tribute minimum weekly. We try to dig together and do fairly well. We always get 5 perks and sometimes get 6th or special. Our team has been stepping up lately and I’m sure we are on the cusp of always getting 6 perks. As long as you chat and let us know if you can’t play, we are offer grace and are understanding. Our team name, after all, is By God’s Grace. We currently have 2 open spots. Come join us if this sounds good to you!

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SDC Branson MO needs a consistent player. 25,000/wk, 300 tributes, completion of club quests. Digging is optional. We always get all perks and score in top 10 of platinum.

Hi Carter Dean, try Merry’s Misfits aka: Merrys Misfits. I ask that people play daily, play club quests, get those tributes, unlock club gifts, and not only qualify for, but actually play the club competition, which we are enjoying communicating over, and helping each other as a team. I basically have the same rules as everyone else, but more importantly, I have adults that want to play and make it fun. I am not a babysitter, nor do I play one on TV (LOL) I just have adults that are respectful of the team and don’t try to take advantage. It is a new team, and right now we have 12 players. We have been getting 5 chests a week, come and help us make it 7!!

The Pokémon Go has had such turnover since pandemic started. Pls chk us out.

Hi. Please feel free to join my new club Perky Perks. I and my Co Leader have been playing for 4 years and i have been a Co Leader just as long. We are easy houng just follow the Club Rules in the Club Notes.
Must be a Tribute Hunter, play daily and liyal to your team.
Hopebto see you there.

Hey all we are a platinum team looking for 4 players that know how to dig, communicate and complete quests. Please be friendly.

Perks4Steelers sounds like your new Tripeaks home. Come join us!

Quattro Tikis is looking for new members we are a platinum club, we always get all the perks as well as Club Quests. Min is 3500 daily and 18 hour Idle. We do offer rewards for team digs for 1-3 place and team quests finished during the week. We are friendly and family orientated.

Try GoGetters 25. We need a couple more dedicated players like you

Hello Carter Dean I just starting our team and would be happy if you joined us. Right now we are a team of 6 and team to make it to 15 members. We aren’t serious we just play and have fun so we can wep the rewards or treasure. I hope you joined us, me and my boyfriend both left our last club because of conflict and I don’t want that on our team.

I have a laid back club if you’re interested. KILLER BEES all capital.

Carter Dean, if you haven’t found your club yet, then please come check ROWDY REBELS out. We are platinum, get all 6 perks by Monday, most of the times get 7th perk. We ask for you to chat and let us know that you maxed club quest, that you follow dig rules. We are a fun, loving, Rowdy bunch. Most of us have been playing together for over 6 months on this team, but we have the 3, 4 open slots that have not been a good fit… We are looking for our forever team member! Good luck.

Check us out, MommaDons Ohana.
We are tribute hunters and diggers. If you are willing to follow club rules and communicate, we have space for you!
Minimum for first timer is 15 tributes and 2k before idle.
Other than that no daily play minimums, jus mid-week and by the end.

Carter_Dean I am looking for what is described as an ambitious player. If you play every day, participate in club activities, play tributes, and chat, join Merry’s Misfits. We are a pretty good club, we just need players that that actually want to play, not get a free ride. We were just demoted to gold from platinum. We have a great way to play the competition, so everyone wins. I am going to open up to public, so come and join us if you want! Hope to see you there!