Perks up wants you, if you play daily and play for fun

Hi, we are a Gold league team and we are happy to stay in gold. We want regular players , but if having to give over your life to a card game isn’t for you, then we are the team.

We ask you to

complete CQ
collect tributes
have a proper name

We always get Chests 1-5. We play 3-2-5-4-1. We don’t compete for 6, as we currently don’t have the numbers. But hey, Goldie is over rated, isn’t it!

We are friendly! We like you to chat. We have had a bit of drama, no idea where that came from, as we don’t want drama, we just want fun! Have I said it’s all for fun?

I am on an over 1000 day streak, and I play maybe 3 rounds of tribs a day and that is usually sufficient for the game. We have stopped the digging game, only cause we kept being put into competition with Diamond teams, and we didn’t have the numbers.

So come on over. If you don’t like, you don’t have to stay. But hey,just give us a chance.