Perks for Diamond and Legend

This message was made by my awesome leader Justin:

With the mistake/error that was made with the Extreme special perk, I feel there needs to be a change.

This is nothing negative towards teams/clubs or the leagues you perfer to play in/do play for.

Since it’s an extra perk,called Extreme/special, it should be just that. Not all teams should get it without extra work or commitment to it. It shouldn’t be easy or a given, that defeats the reasoning behind it.

The solution is this, legend/diamond teams should have there own perk and rewards for a challenge worth while, and that’s special. The Other leagues should have one for them also, something that is extreme and special for there game play/commitment.

My point is, not everyone plays at the same level, so why call it a special/Extreme perk if it’s not that.

It should be a challenge and a honor to achievement, not a given.

Lower division getting 10 wilds… for 85k and can’t even finish there original perks more less a extra one.

Our cq are higher (Legend) than wood, stone diamond, our extreme perk should be better also.

If tripeaks is going to reward it to all teams. Change the format.