Perk points have changed

Does anyone know how many points we need per perk?
The old score list isnt right anymore

we have already achieved perk 1, 2 and 6. Perk 3 we have achieved three-quarters and 356,000 points. Then we should have already obtained him according to the old list. No players have changed in the club


I haven’t been paying attention the last few rounds. I’ll check out our status. We haven’t had any members leave as well so should be able to check what we have done this far.


The perk points have been changing every week depending upon what they are offering. When volcano card shows up then it’s automatically an extra 50k for perk 6. And the wild in the other perk usually adds on an extra 10k to whichever perk it shows up in. So that’s 660k or so total when volcano card is available. I know the other week they had wild card offered in perk 6 and in a different perk as well. Not sure how much extra it was for the that week. But It was probably around an extra 10-20k for the extra wild. Hope that helps.

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The only one I know is perk 6…
Volcano - 350k
Wild - 315k
Regular - 275k

At least this is where we’ve completed 6 recently with those things in it. I think they change all of the weekly a bit. We do 6 first, so I know that’s the scores needed (roughly, as they change it). Oh and perk 1 only needs 5k, I think perk 2 is only 10k & 3 is 15k.

Perk 6 was 350,000 this week. Perk 1 was 5,000 and 2 was 15,000. Perk 3 was 35,000. We have been keeping track as we move along. We are working on Perk 5 and still have Perk 4 to do. We are thinking 5 will be 150,000 and 4 will be 70 or 75,000.

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They change every week so I look at the league table and look at the score the top teams have and look at the ones who have just completed all 6 then it gives you a figure you must reach to do all 6


4 should be 80,000 for a total of 635,000.