Perk level number of points needed

Does anybody know the number of points you approximately need to complete each perk level?

I got this from here in the forum some time ago. I hope it’s what you’re looking for.


I’d like to be know how to find out how many more points you need in playing a particular perk. My club is about 3/4 finished with one and all of us are curious to know how many more points we need to complete it.

You need to do the maths to work it out using the information above and the total amount of points that your club has, for example, if your club has 40k points and are working on perk 3 and have completed perk 1 and perk 2 that is 5k+15 = 20k, you know that perk 3 is 35k so your overall points would be 55k when perk 3 was completed so 55k-40k = 15k left to complete that perk.

Does anyone know if these figures are still accurate?

@MzQuail, yes they are

Thank you very much!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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