Penguin Pilots High Skies & Wagers

Does anyone know how to play this game? Is it for new levels only? How do I earn Sparks?

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Play the games in the event to win the sparks, the last time I played I did not see them in the game but after winning it showed them on the points screen …this could of changed as I’m unable to play this time it says I already completed so I guess mine never reset itself…


You can only play if you have trips available. You play just like any other levels, but the difference is you can wager [more coins to spend] to multiply sparks, coins, etc. Below are screen shots that I hope you’ll find helpful. HIGH SKIES is located at bottom left, above Leaderboard.


High Skies popped up today. This time i dont have 1 Trip… i did it last time and as it popped up it says no trips left… why?

That’s what mine says too so that’s why I’m confused

There was a glitch in High Skies. Some recieved a chest in their inbox (messages).


For those that have issues and have not reported to gsn, please make sure you do. In the game go to MENU, top left, HELP, then Contact Us; or send an email regarding the issue to:


What is this about? I ran out of money/coin so Coins so I could not play any more

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The purpose of High Skies is to win rewards I’ve circled in the screen shot below by reaching the # of corresponding sparks I pointed to. If you wager [using more coins] you can multiply the rewards. It is not a requirement to play this or wager more than one can afford, as it can cost a lot of coins.


wich level is needed to get high skies?

I’m not sure if there is any level you’ll need to reach in order for this to appear for any player, but this event ended recently so it might be another couple weeks, before they push it again.

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