Past progress on tripeaks

I’m having trouble accessing all the progress I had made on my prior phone. I tried loading my Facebook account but it was an old account and wasn’t the one I was using when I had accumulated all my stuff. How do I change to the actual Facebook account that would have had my progress?

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@Tiki3752, it sounds like the account with all the progress wasn’t logged into FB, or logged into a different FB account?

Do you still have your old phone? If so, you can still use that phone like a tablet on wifi, and get into the game.

If your TriPeaks account with all the progress isn’t logged into FB, you can create a new FB account just for the purpose of saving that Tripeaks account progress. You’ll then be able to access that account from your new phone.

Hopefully you still have your old phone! :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the help! I do have my old phone (with 500 free games and millions of coins). How do I set up new FB account? When I go to log in it immediately wants to log in with the FB account I don’t want to use.

Yay, I’m glad to hear that, that a good first step! Someone else sadly turned their phone in when they got their new phone, and is now starting all over :sob:

And I’m really happy you have all goodies!

Just to confirm, in Tripeaks, while viewing the account that you want to use, tap on the Menu button (top left corner), and see if the blue FB box says Log in, or Log out. Hopefully it says Log in, which means your progress is stored on that device. You can close Tripeaks.

I’m going to assume you use the FB app on your phone for these instructions. If you don’t, let me know what you use.

So to create a new FB account, in the Facebook app, near the top right corner, tap on the menu button (the 3 horizontal bars), then scroll all the way down to log out. Once you log out, you’ll see an option to create an account. When you create a new account on a device that has accessed another FB account, FB, or your phone will ask if you want to save the log in info for easy access. I gave them permission to do that for easy switching between accounts.

With your app logged in to your new account, on your old phone, go into the game. Tap on the menu button, then Log in. The game will store your progress on FB, and you can access it from any device, including your new phone. :smile:

You’ll just have to remember to be logged in to your new FB account in the FB app, before going into game. If you are in your old FB account, the game load your new Tripeaks account when it loads.

If it does, it’s not that big of a deal. In the Tripeaks app, go to Menu, then log out (which may start a new game at the beginning, the first time you log out, but don’t worry about that). Then go into the FB app, log out of your old account, and into your new account. With that done, go back into Tripeaks, and then log in again. It should load your new FB account, and the game progress from your old Tripeaks progress.

Good luck, crossing fingers :crossed_fingers: again that it all goes well. Keep me posted!

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I think I’m having the sane problem with my account. When I changed phone Company’s I lost everything even all of my Conversations with my Don thats Passed on amd thats about killed me. And I haven’t been able to get back on my old Facebook.