Owl Team looking for members

After being removed from 2 teams, even though I tried my best and did as much as I could. I decided to create my own Team. Join Owl Team if you want a positive and fun environment and don’t want someone hassling you constantly about meeting certain expectations. I do this to relax and have fun, how about you?


Hi Rebecca!
I’d be interested in joining your new club. Details for play?

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I just want us to have fun and work together to build a fun and positive club❤ . I will only remove people of 1 week of inactive.

Seems reasonable. Are you starting your club now or when you acquire more new recruits?

I already started it. I love playing but get tired of some of the ridiculous rules so started my own lol. If a group enjoys playing together without the stress it makes it more enjoyable

Do you need another person. I’m tired of my old club. No one ever helped me.

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Yes please join us… been there girly

Hi. I would be interested in joining you.

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I would be interested in joining.

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I would like to be part of your team but i’m working in the healthcare sector so I dont have much free time every day but i’m playing it regular and just for fun and i’m not a fanatic, if that is not a problem for you i like to join your team.grtz from the netherlands


I agreed with you some teams take this GAME way to serious.

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rebecca do you remove someone if they have told you they will be away for a week or 2?


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I would love for all of you to join Owl Team… come play and have fun

No ma’am come join and have fun with us

Come join us. I am a teacher and I tutor too so I understand the crazy lifestyle

Please come join us I would love to build a fun team that wants to have fun together

Come join us and have fun

I love this game but some people act as though it is a job and I am not into that. I want to have fun with a fun team

There are 7 spots left so please come join us and have fun!

We’re you able to find us. I am trying to figure out how to search for players