Owl Club looking for more members

We are now Gold and I am looking for new club members. We want to have fun, complete tasks, earn chests plus more. Also I need a coleader too. Looking for members that can be active. I will only remove after 4 days of inactivity unless you can let me know things are going on and you need more time.

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4 days allowed to be inactive is a bit much for a gold club! That’s way too much idle time if you want to win quests, rewards and more than a couple of perks every week.

As a player I would not want to play in a club where some members do nothing upwards of 4 days and some do all the work and we lose all the time.

You say they can be idle for 4 days or LONGER if they make an excuse and then say you want active players at the same time …Which is it? :thinking:

I am new to having a team. I am looking for any help or feedback. I want to build an awesome team that’s positive and happy and works together.